Fireless cookers

Energy conservation in Kampala

Leader: Sara Kaweesa

Reducing cooking time and fuel use

A fireless cooker is an insulated basket which continues to cook pre-heated food, thus reducing the cooking time and the amount of fuel used.  Fireless cookers are simple to make and can be sold to supplement family income.

You can make your own fireless cooker, or purchase one from A Rocha for UGX 70,000 (large) or UGX 65,000 (small)

Unbelievable. We now spend less time in the kitchen because the fireless cooker completes the cooking process, making it cheaper to use and very convenient.

After taking the fireless cooker to my home, we partially cooked the meat on the charcoal stove. We then transferred it to the fireless cooker and to our amazement it continued to cook there and remained hot. Even after several hours the food was still hot and did not need to be re-heated.