Save more for less with a Bio sand water filter

Kasuswa Lydia a 35-year-old resident of Bamba village is singing praises of the Bio Sand water filter after having used it since 2017, over 6 years now and still counting. The enormous benefits she has so far got from it have made her an able ambassador of the same.

“I don’t remember a day when I did not boil drinking water,” Lydia recalls. Lydia says that before she got this filter, she daily spent over 15000 UGX on charcoal to cook food and boil drinking water for her big family of about 13 people.

“We used to spend a lot of money on hospital bills because my children regularly suffered from diseases like diarrhea, flu and typhoid on top of skin diseases and rashes as I speak now, I only spend 10,000 UGX on charcoal to cook food.” She says.

They filter every jerry can of water that is fetched from the tap and because of this, the water they use for every chore is filtered, be it bathing, cooking and washing utensils.

She has gone ahead to gather 31 fellow residents whom we have trained and distributed to the recently abandoned and later repaired filters from the Climate Stewards project.

As you read this story, you might realize that you too needs this water filter and if you don’t, maybe someone that you know needs it. Walk to our offices in Gayaza Kyetume and get yourself or gift someone.