Farming God's Way

A Rocha Uganda’s Farming God’s Way is a type of conservation agriculture that re-interprets the principles of no tillage, mulching and crop rotation using biblical metaphors such as God doesn’t plow, God’s blanket, and the Garden of Eden. This resource equips the poor to break the yoke of poverty. Farming God’s Way is easy, fast, requires less labour, gives high yields and retains soil fertility and water.

The Word of God says, ‘My people perish because of a lack of knowledge.’(Hosea 4:6) We must acknowledge the importance of teaching the poor faithfulness in the agricultural domain before the rest of the continent’s potential can be revealed.

Farming God’s Way has a proven track record of success since 1984, when Brian Oldreive first pioneered these practices. He established it on Hinton estate in Zimbabwe on a large scale commercial farm, eventually cropping 3,500 hectares. Since those early days, Farming God’s Way has spread into many countries, and is now being used by churches, missionaries and NGOs across the continent.

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