Goats Project

During our implementation of the A Rocha Uganda Environmental Education Program (AREEP) in schools, we noted that some children are not able to access education even if subsidized. Hindrances include lack of scholastic materials, inability of their parents or guardians to meet their school fees contribution among other things. 

Because some of these children come from families that are already doing subsistence farming, the goats project tries at hitting two birds with one stone. The child learns to care for their animal, embracing responsibility and at the same time raising an income to enable them to get basic education. We have highly noted that school enrolment in the project area has greatly increased and schools are more receptive to the message on creation care.

An opportunity came from  A Rocha Czech Republic in 2021 who committed funds from the sale of their pigeon manure to supporting children in AREEP schools with goats. Female goats are given to the identified underprivileged children who are poor, orphaned, or from single parent families. The children keep these goats and breed them so they become a source of income to pay for their school fees and materials when sold. This has given them a hope for a bright future. 

44 children in different schools have benefited from this project. Their goats have given birth and they have started to sell the kids, making it possible for them to stay in school. We extend our sincere gratitude to A Rocha Czech Republic for making this possible.

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