Get involved

Volunteering opportunities

We would like to invite Ugandans who share our commitments to volunteer with us. We encourage overseas volunteers who are able to cover their own expenses to contact us to find out about current opportunities.

Could you help with any of these activities?

We are unable to pay volunteers, although we identify with the constraints of volunteering in developing country conditions and meals are served for those who spend more than 5 hours per day with us.


We offer occasional workshops to community groups, churches and schools where you can learn how to make tippy taps, charcoal briquettes, bio-sand water filters or fireless cookers. You can also learn about Farming God’s Way, backyard/sack gardening and sanitation and hygiene.

Where possible, we ask for a contribution to cover our costs.

Develop a small business

A Rocha Uganda produces energy saving cook stoves, charcoal briquettes, bio-sand water filters and fireless cookers, which are all available to purchase. We also invite individuals, churches and other small groups to develop small businesses by becoming sellers of these products. Please contact us to find out more.

Give a Gift with a Difference at

Your ‘Gift with a Difference’ could be a bio-sand water filter training course for one entrepreneur or you could train ten people to make briquettes from waste materials. Or perhaps you could provide one family with a fireless cooker: all these wonderful presents reduce fuel use, save trees and save money for cash-poor families in Uganda. Perhaps they could also save you time in the shops!

Other ways to support us