Community-based projects

Improved health for slum communities in Kampala (2014- 2017)

Uganda After construction (2)A Rocha Uganda  sensitizes and trains people living in slum communities, especially in Kampala.  The programmes are about making improved provision for clean water and sanitation for the community, whilst the training of individuals in better personal hygiene practices, skills for urban gardening and rubbish clean-up and recycling all work together to deliver a healthier community.

During 2014 in selected slum communities in Kampala A Rocha Uganda:

This training promotes the sorting of household waste and, in particular, the recycling of plastics. The latter can result in both additional income and job creation.

PLEASE HELP! Through ‘Gifts With a Difference’ at you could give the gift of clean water through a bio-sand water filter training course for one entrepreneur or you could train ten people to make briquettes or provide a family with a fireless cooker: all these gifts reduce fuel use, save trees and save money for cash-poor families.

Farming God’s Way

Farming Gods Way.jpegSince 2012 A Rocha Uganda has trained over 319 farmers in Farming God’s Way, resulting in both increased yields for the farmer and eco-friendly farming methods which use the recycled waste product from the community.  This is a ‘win, win’ programme with the following results: