Farming God’s Way

Conservation farming

Leader: Sara Kaweesa

Farming God's Way

Since 2012 A Rocha Uganda has trained over 319 farmers in Farming God’s Way, resulting in both increased yields for the farmer and eco-friendly farming methods which use the recycled waste product from the community. This is a ‘win, win’ programme with the following results:

  • Increased crop yield for the farmer, which also gives
  • Better food security
  • Opportunity for cash profit
  • Recycling of waste products which also gives
  • Natural fertilizer for the fields
  • Cash saving – no need to purchase fertilizer
  • Cleaner environment, reduction of rubbish

In 2014, three groups of farmers in the Mukono and Buikwe areas (some seventy one farmers in all) were offered training in Farming God’s Way. These groups are located in the Lake Victoria Crescent where there has been serious land degradation and consequent reduction in crop yields.

Already this programme has demonstrated results.

Madam Mary’s Garden

Mary was one of the farmers who participated in the ‘Farming God’s Way’ (FGW) training. She lives in Buikwe district and is a small-scale farmer. Following the FGW training she changed her farming methods to incorporate the suggestions made in the training. Instead of buying fertilizer to add to enrich the soil, she began using the dung produced by her cows. Before the FGW training, not only was she spending money on fertilizer, but also the cow dung became rubbish around the compound.

Using the conventional methods of farming and purchasing fertilizer, Mary expected  to harvest about 700kg of maize per acre. Now using the FGW methods she anticipated harvesting 1,500kg per acre – double the yield under the former, more expensive, way of farming.

Very pleased with this increased yield and cash-saving, Mary was planning to increase her acreage of crops grown using ‘Farming God’s Way’.